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AFTER MONTHS OF PAINSTAKING RESEARCH, we are very pleased to announce the publication of the long-awaited E90 + E92 + E93 M3 FAQ! You'll find all the details about the fourth-generation M3 RIGHT HERE, including production numbers and information on the numerous special editions.

Meanwhile, the F80 M3 sedan and F82 M4 coupe will soon be showing up at dealers, so we'll be adding those models to the BMW M Registry in the very near future, along with the recently-unveiled F22 M235i coupe.
  • E60 M5
    Owner: Scott Pileski
    VIN: WBSNB93586B582799
    Date of Production: November, 2005
    Country: United States
  • E46 M3 coupe
    Owner: Christopher Hade
    VIN: WBSBL93423JR19895
    Date of Production: October, 2002
    Country: United States
  • E70 X5 M
    Owner: Christopher Hade
    VIN: 5YMGY0C59BLK26318
    Date of Production: May, 2010
    Country: United States
  • E36 M3 convertible
    Owner: Mustafa Ilhan
    VIN: WBSBK91070EX46348
    Date of Production: November, 1997
    Country: Turkey
  • E24 M635CSi
    Owner: Ed Scott
    VIN: WBAEE310701052093
    Date of Production: April, 1985
    Country: United States
  • E46 M3 coupe
    Owner: Thomas Niejadlik
    VIN: WBSBL93423JR23512
    Date of Production: May, 2003
    Country: United States
  • E39 M5
    Owner: Martin Urlovic
    VIN: WBSDE92070BJ10304
    Date of Production: September, 1999
    Country: New Zealand
  • E34 M5
    Owner: Brendan McGreevy
    VIN: WBSHC92090GE00105
    Date of Production: March, 1993
    Country: Ireland
  • E34 M5
    Owner: Mario Jozic
    VIN: WBSHC91020GD62105
    Date of Production: December, 1991
    Country: Germany
  • E36 M3 coupe
    Owner: Enes Gorpe
    VIN: WBSBG9334XEY81192
    Date of Production: January, 1999
    Country: United States
  • F12 M6 convertible
    Owner: Brandon Geiger
    VIN: WBSLZ9C54DDZ77955
    Date of Production: October, 2012
    Country: United States
  • E28 M535i
    Owner: Michael Hinojosa
    VIN: WBADC710600640873
    Date of Production: May, 1985
    Country: United States
  • E36 M3 sedan
    Owner: Charlie Hall
    VIN: WBSCB92080EW30059
    Date of Production: February, 1995
    Country: Australia
  • E46 M3 coupe
    Owner: Charlie Hall
    VIN: WBSBL92010JR00331
    Date of Production: March, 2001
    Country: Australia
  • E86 M Coupe
    Owner: Bruce Baicar
    VIN: 5UMDU93578LM08745
    Date of Production: May, 2008
    Country: United States
  • E36 M3 coupe
    Owner: Bob Bachtell
    VIN: WBSBG9336XEY80254
    Date of Production: August, 1998
    Country: United States
  • E92 M3 coupe
    Owner: Ryan Chapman
    VIN: WBSKG9C59BE646104
    Date of Production: March, 2011
    Country: Canada
  • E46 M3 convertible
    Owner: Dave Aver
    Date of Production: May, 2002
    Country: United States
  • E36/7 M roadster
    Owner: Val Brkich
    VIN: WBSCL93411LJ80377
    Date of Production: July, 2001
    Country: United States
  • E60 M5
    Owner: Jean-Marie Latino
    Date of Production: October, 2005
    Country: Australia