E70 X5 M50d
Production Data
Special Versions
Colors and Upholstery
Production Versions
ZW81: European-spec (LHD), 04/2012 through 06/2013
ZW82: European-spec (RHD), 04/2012 through 06/2013
What makes the E70 X5 M50d unique?
The E70 X5 M50d is the most powerful diesel-engined version of the E70 X5 range and a member of the BMW M Performance model line. In addition to its tri-turbocharged inline-6 diesel motor that was developed in collaboration with BMW M GmbH (an independent subsidiary of BMW AG), it features a number of chassis modifications and some unique (but subtle) cosmetic alterations.
What is BMW M Performance?
BMW M Performance is a line of automobiles and performance accessories developed via a collaborative effort between BMW AG and BMW M GmbH. Though technically considered part of the BMW M GmbH portfolio, BMW M Performance models are designed to fill the niche between the optional M Sport package and complete M Series vehicles. They are therefore more powerful and driver-focused than all other standard BMW models (within a given model range), but not as extreme as full-blown M models.
What does the "M50d" model name denote?
The "M" designates the model as part of the BMW M Performance range, while the "50" refers to the engine size of an equivalent normally-aspirated motor (in this case, 5.0-liters) and the "d" specifies that this is a diesel-powered vehicle.
Where was the E70 X5 M50d first introduced?
The E70 X5 M50d was introduced as part of the initial BMW M Performance model range (which also included the E71 X6 M50d, F10 M550d and F11 M550d) at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.
Where was the E70 X5 M50d produced?
Final assembly of most examples of the E70 X5 M50d took place on the standard X5 assembly line at BMW's Spartanburg, South Carolina factory (with complete drivetrains arriving from Germany). The sole exception were 148 examples of the X5 M50d produced exclusively for the Russian market, which were assembled from CKD (complete knock down) kits by Avtotor in the Kaliningrad region.
Production Data
How many official versions of the E70 X5 M50d were offered?
BMW produced only two versions of the E70 X5 M50d, both built to European specification (but sold in a number of worldwide markets outside of North America): A left-hand drive model (ZW81) and a right-hand drive model (ZW82).
How many examples of the E70 X5 M50d were produced?
ZW81: 1,517* examples produced from 04/2012 through 06/2013 *includes 148 examples produced from CKD kits for Russia
ZW82: 575 examples produced from 04/2012 through 06/2013
What significant changes were made to the E70 X5 M50d during its production?
The E70 X5 M50d received no significant changes during the 15 months that it was produced.
How does the N57D30S1 engine in the X5 M50d differ from other engines in the N57 range?
The E70 X5 M50d is equipped with the turbocharged N57D30S1 diesel motor, which is the most powerful variation of BMW's N57 six-cylinder diesel engine range. Developed in cooperation with BMW M, it retains the same basic configuration as other N57 powerplants (2,990-cc displacement, aluminum construction, four valves per cylinder), but is unique in that it utilizes extremely high-pressure common-rail direct piezo injection (2,200 bar) and three turbochargers: two smaller (high-pressure) turbos with variable turbine geometry and one larger (low-pressure) turbo. One of the small turbochargers spools up from just above idle, while the larger turbocharger activates at 1,500 rpm. The second small turbocharger is then activated above 2,700 rpm via a vacuum-operated flap in the bypass line. When this flap is opened, exhaust gases flow past the large turbocharger to the second smaller turbocharger, thus increasing the amount of boost and sending more compressed air into the combustion chambers. This additional boost pressure required a stronger crankcase and cylinder head, as well as revised geometry for the crankshaft and connecting rods. With the help of BluePerformance technology (i.e. urea injection introduced into the exhaust stream), the N57D30S1 meets EU5 emissions standards. It can be easily identified by the "M Performance" inscription on its valve cover.

The N57D30S1 develops 381 hp (DIN) from 4,000 to 4,400 rpm and 546 lb-ft of torque from 2,000 to 3,000 rpm, giving it the highest specific output of any production diesel motor ever produced. Maximum engine speed is 5,400 rpm.
What kind of transmission does the E70 X5 M50d utilize?
The E70 X5 M50d is equipped with the same ZF 8HP70 8-speed automatic transmission found in many other E70 X5 models, though the software has been altered to provide quicker shifts. The ratios are as follows: 4.71 (1), 3.14 (2), 2.11 (3), 1.67 (4), 1.29 (5), 1.00 (6), 0.84 (7), 0.67 (8). The final drive ratio is 3.15:1.
What are the specifics of the all-wheel drive (xDrive) system used in the E70 X5M50d?
The E70 X5 M50d uses a variation of BMW's xDrive all-wheel drive system that has been calibrated to deliver rear-wheel drive handling characteristics by sending more torque to the rear wheels under most driving conditions. In addition, standard Performance Control utilizes the DSC system to reduce understeer in tight corners by braking the inside rear wheel while simultaneously increasing engine power. NOTE: Unlike the E71 X6 M50d, the E70 X5 M50d is not equipped with Dynamic Performance Control (DPC), which can also distribute engine power between the two rear wheels.
What kind of stability control system is fitted to the E70 X5 M50d?
The E70 X5 M50d is equipped with the same Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system found in other E70 X5 models. It can apply braking force and/or reduce engine power to any wheel in order to help correct for understeer or oversteer. Though the system can be completely deactivated via a console-mounted button, it does not feature an M Dynamic Mode (MDM) like the E70 X5 M.
How does the suspension of the E70 X5 M50d differ from that of the standard E70 X5?
Like all E70 X5s, the M50d utilizes a MacPherson strut/multi-link suspension design with standard self-levleing air springs at the rear. The tuning of the springs, shocks and anti-roll bars was performed by BMW M and is derived from that of the M Sport suspension offered on other X5 models equipped with the available M Sport package. X5 M50d examples optioned with Adaptive Drive include a different suspension setup with electronically-variable shock damping (EDC) and active anti-roll bars (ARS).
What is Adaptive Drive and how does it function in the X70 X5 M50d?
Adaptive Drive (Option Code 2VA), offered as an extra-cost option in the E70 X5 M50d, includes Electronic Damping Control (EDC) and Active Roll Stabilization (ARS). EDC replaces the conventional shocks with electronically-variable versions that constantly alter the damping firmness based on a variety of factors, while ARS replaces the conventional anti-roll bars with versions that use hydraulic motors to actively counteract body roll. Furthermore, Adaptive Drive includes a Sport button on the center console that not only alters the parameters of the EDC and ARS for more aggressive driving, but also changes the response of the Servotronic power steering assist.
What type of steering system is used in the E70 X5 M50d?
Like all E70 X5 models, the X5 M50d utilizes a rack-and-pinion steering system with an overall ratio of 19.5:1 and Servotronic (vehicle-speed-sensitive) variable power assistance. However, the Servotronic system in the X5 M50d has been specifically tuned by BMW M. In addition, examples equipped with the optional Adaptive Drive offer two different parameters for the overall level of assist, switchable via the "Sport" button on the center console (which also alters the response of the EDC and ARS systems). Active Steering was not offered on the E70 X5 M50d.
What type of braking system is used by the E70 X5 M50d?
The E70 X5 M50d is equipped with four-wheel vented disc brakes with cast iron rotors that are larger than those found on any other E70 X5 model, with the exception of the X5 M. The front rotors measure 15.2-inches and are clamped by dual-piston calipers, while the rear rotors measure 13.6-inches and feature single-piston calipers.
What types of wheels and tires are fitted to the E70 X5 M50d?
The E70 X5 M50d is equipped as standard equipment with the same M V-Spoke (Style 223M) alloy wheels included with the X5 M Sport package. These measure 9 x 19 inches in front (with 255/50R19 run-flat tires) and 10 x 19 inches in the rear (with 285/45R19 run-flat tires). Two different M Double Spoke alloy wheels were also offered as extra-cost options, each measuring 10 x 20 inches in the front (with 275/40R20 run-flat tires) and 11 x 20 in the rear (with 315/35R20 run-flat tires): The Style 333M is shared with the X5 M Sport, while the Style 435M (in Ferric Grey) is exclusive to the M50d.
How does the exterior of the E70 X5 M50d differ from that of other E70 X5 models?
The exterior styling of the E70 X5 M50d is derived from that of the X5 M Sport package (LCI version) and therefore includes many of the same styling elements. The M Aerodynamic package is largely carried over from the X5 M Sport to the X5 M50d and consists of a more aggressive front fascia and rear bumper design (incorporating dual 80mm x 135mm oval exhaust tips) that is matched to body-color side sills and wheel well extensions. However, for the X5 M50d, the fog lights have been replaced by horizontal bars painted in the same contrasting Ferric Grey metallic as the standard mirror caps and optional 20-inch Style 435M alloy wheels. In addition, high-gloss Shadowline window trim, mirror bases and roof rails are included as standard on the X5 M50d, while the titanium vertical grille bars are shared only with the X5 xDrive40d and X5 xDrive50i. Finally, there is an X5 M50d badge on the tailgate that is in the same beveled style used on the E70 X5 M.
How does the interior of the E70 X5 M50d differ from that of other E70 X5 models?
Like the exterior styling, the interior of the E70 X5 M50d largely resembles that of the X5 M Sport and therefore includes the same M three-spoke steering wheel with shift paddles, aluminum M footrest and anthracite headliner. However, these items are supplemented in the X5 M50d by exclusive Brushed Aluminum Shadow interior trim (as an alternative to the Fine Brushed Aluminum trim, various types of wood trims and BMW Individual trims). Additional special touches include the M logo on the shift lever, as well as "M50d" inscriptions on both the tachometer face and door sill plates. Standard upholstery is a combination of Black Alcantara and Nappa leather with white contrast stitching and a small M tri-color stripe on the central welt, offered exclusively in the X5 M50d and the run-out M Sport Edition models. Nevada leather, extended Nappa leather and BMW Individual Merino leather upholsteries were also offered as alternative upholsteries for the standard sport seats, while comfort front seats with active ventilation (covered solely in perforated Nevada leather) could also be specified.
Special Versions
Color and Upholstery Selections

The following chart lists all regularly available paint colors for the E70 X5 M50d. (NOTE: BMW Individual paints not offered in some markets.)

Alpine White III 300 BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Black Sapphire metallic 475 BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Carbon Black metallic 416 BMW M04/2012 through 06/2013
Deep Sea Blue metallic A76 BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Space Grey metallic A52 BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Titanium Silver metallic 354 BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Pearl Silver metallic X01 BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013
Citrine Black metallic X02 BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013
Ruby Black metallic X03 BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013
Azurite Black metallic S34 BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013

The following chart lists all regularly available upholstery colors for the E70 X5 M50d. (NOTE: BMW Individual upholsteries not offered in some markets. Also, perforated Nevada leather only with comfort seats + active seat ventilation.)

Black Alcantara + Nappa leather GPSW BMW M04/2012 through 06/2013
Black Nevada leather LUSW BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Black perforated Nevada leather LVSW BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Beige Nevada leather LUB4 BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Beige perforated Nevada leather LVB4 BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Oyster Nevada leather LUCX BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Tobacco Nevada leather LUF1 BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Cinnamon Brown Nevada leather LUEZ BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Black extended Nappa leather NASW BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Beige extended Nappa leather NAB4 BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Amaro Brown extended Merino leather ZAP5 BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013
Champagne extended Merino leather ZACM BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013
Champagne complete Merino leather ZBCM BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013
Criolo Brown extended Merino leather ZAP3 BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013
Criolo Brown complete Merino leather ZBP3 BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013
Platinum complete Merino leather ZBCB BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013
Slate extended Merino leather ZAP1 BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013

The following chart lists all regularly available interior trims for the E70 X5 M50d. (NOTE: BMW Individual interior trims not offered in some markets.)

Brushed Aluminum Shadow 737 BMW M04/2012 through 06/2013
Fine Brushed Aluminum 4AD BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Burl Walnut wood 4AB BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Light Poplar wood 4BP BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Dark Bamboo wood 4AZ BMW AG04/2012 through 06/2013
Red Brown Figured Eucalyptus wood XE3 BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013
Piano Black XE7 BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013
Black leather with braided pattern XE9 BMW INDIVIDUAL04/2012 through 06/2013